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Shop Local. Eat Local. Process Local

Shop Local. Eat Local. Process Local


We’ve embraced the practice of shopping and eating local.  It’s time for businesses to process local, too.

EPNA is an Evanston-based merchant processing company which works with anyone who accepts electronic payments (credit, debit, mobile) in any industry (retail, restaurant, professional service, mail order/telephone order, e-commerce, government, and non-profit).  EPNA offers cutting-edge and customizable solutions, transparent pricing, next day funding, 24/7/365 friendly customer service, and no contract requirements.

EPNA works with two business sectors: Merchants and Partners.

Merchants: If you’re a business that is already processing, let EPNA complete a Merchant Statement Analysis, free of charge and with no obligation, so you can compare pricing and services, apples-to-apples.  EPNA has a fabulous track-record of converting merchants after they see the comparison.  Yet even more importantly, EPNA has an extremely low attrition rate after a merchant begins working with EPNA.

The EPNA Team provides us with unbelievable customer service and a seamless solution for all of our credit card processing needs,” said Adam Brosten, President, Auto Parts City, Inc., after switching his companies’ processing to EPNA.

Specific to merchants who do business-to-business transactions, EPNA has technology to reduce processing fees by .80%-1.25% on Purchasing, GSA, Level II and Level III business cards. David Krause, Controller, Advent Systems, Inc. stated, “Thank you for your help in converting over to your company. It’s nice to know that we will be saving 40% on the service fees going forward.”

Partners: If you are an advisor who needs a trusted processor to recommend to your own clients, let EPNA discuss with you the array of partnership opportunities.  EPNA partners with Community Banks, CPA’s, Consulting Firms, Chambers of Commerce, Membership Organizations, Software Integration Firms, and others.

We have received extremely positive comments from our customers, and we have full confidence in referring customers to EPNA for their card processing needs,” said William Gleason, President, The Leaders Bank, after EPNA became the Bank’s recommended processor.

 “I don’t hesitate to refer my clients to EPNA,” said Terry Bishop, Managing Director of Core Financial Oursourcing’s Chicago office.  “One of my clients just made the switch to EPNA, and their savings were very impactful.  But more than just the savings, I trust EPNA to do the best for my clients. At a minimum, EPNA provides an unbiased no-risk Statement Analysis and honest feedback.”

A lot of our business comes from our referral partners, most of whom process with EPNA and who know that EPNA offers competitive pricing, impeccable service, and the latest in technology,” said EPNA President and CEO, Laura E. Demke-Calixte.

EPNA opened a store-front, which is a novelty in the processing space, where merchants can test the latest terminals before making a purchase, and where merchants can envision and plan the next phase of their business, like e-commerce.  “We chose Evanston for our location because it is a central location for merchants and partners alike, and it’s my hometown.  We are very involved in the community as well as the local commerce,” said Demke-Calixte.

Are you a merchant or partner interested in learning more about what EPNA has to offer?  Reach us at or 847-859-6002.  Or book an appointment at

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