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Address:  1703 Central Street, Evanston, IL  60201

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“I have worked with payment processors before where it was very difficult to find answers to my questions.  Our rep was very supportive, having been a bookkeeper herself, and was able to answer all of my questions.  She provided help getting us set up too.”

Ted Jackson, PhD, Operations Manager, Multilingual Connections

“Great customer service that answers all questions and concerns.”

-Leslie Corral, Partner, 4 Legs, Inc.

"I appreciate Laura's forthrightness and solution-orientated attitude that helps make businesses better, whether its for those who work with her or for the customers she serves."

-Prisca V., Fintech Marketer, Saas and Core Systems

"Laura is the real deal!!! She is transparent and aligns herself to each and every contact she meets! Amazing! Dynamic! Go Getter!"

-Edie C., Alpha Metals Corp, President

"Laura is a gifted and talented business woman. Laura always has her customers best interest at heart. Laura is creative, inspiring, and is always willing to go above and beyond."

-Barb D., JHA

"Laura was always a top performer in her field. She has extensive knowledge in the Payment Processing marketplace and continues to pursue and understand the complexities and changes going on in the industry. She always placed a high value on the relationships she created with her banking partners and her merchants. Laura can be counted on to perform and deliver what she has promised."

-Ben M, Mainstream Merchant Services


"EPNA is extremely responsive and knowledgeable and simply put, the best in the business!"

-Tim O., SVP, Commercial Banking Leaders Bank

"I've had a great relationship with our sales representative. She has always been very helpful, offering her services well above and beyond. I know I can speak for myself and the branch, as she has been someone we can call to ask questions and get the answers ASAP." 

- Barbara L, Branch Manager

"Our rep is a consummate professional. She takes time to understand a business, put the customer first, and works with the client to find the best option."

- David S, Vice President, Retail Region Manager

"We appreciate your great service and responsiveness to us and our customers."

- Dennis S, Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager

"Thank you for your help in converting over to your Company. It's nice to know that we will be saving 40% on the service fees going forward."- David K., Controller, Advent Systems, Inc.

"We began a relationship with EPNA as we were converting from another vendor that the bank had been using for years. EPNA was extremely responsive during the evaluation and proposal process, and it was an easy decision to select EPNA as our vendor. EPNA has educated many of our customers during the transition, and we have received extremely positive comments from many of customers.  EPNA and their team deliver on all their commitments and their follow-up is terrific. You will not find a more responsive, knowledgeable, and caring team than EPNA."

- Rob B, Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Leaders Bank

"Our merchant consultant is professional, courteous, and everything you want in a credit card representative."

- Ed J, Branch Manager

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