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The Best Clover Apps for 2023

As far as POS systems for small businesses go, Clover® is easily one of the most popular choices available, thanks to its wide variety of hardware choices and intuitive POS software. But that’s not all Clover has to offer. The best Clover apps store offers an incredible array of third-party apps ranging from general managing services to providing much-needed features for specific business niches, such as car wash businesses.

With hundreds of applications to choose from, navigating your choices can easily become overwhelming. But with this guide, you’ll get a good look at some of the best Clover apps available today.

In this article, you’ll find an overview of the best Clover apps for 2023, what makes them unique, and a link to their Appstore page.

The 22 Best Clover Apps for 2023

Without further ado, here are the best clover apps available in 2023:

  1. Time Clock – Homebase

Homebase, a Clover tool vendor, offers a free time tracking program called Time Clock. As one of the top downloads on the app store, Time Clock is an effective, cost-effective way to prevent time theft and control labor costs. With Time Clock, employees can punch in and out using their unique PIN from any device connected to the POS. Additionally, managers can monitor staff remotely, including live warnings for early arrivals and late departures.

  1. Thrive – Shopventory

To control inventory, manage the supply chain, reduce costs, and keep their businesses running smoothly, Clover users can implement Thrive’s premium inventory management tool. Many inventory control capabilities are available, scan-to-count, smartphone barcode scanning, including multi-location and warehouse management, bundle management, stock analysis, and other inventory management functions. A fully searchable and customizable reporting interface provides metrics such as inventories, dead stock, margins, sales channels, and vendor reporting. The value it provides to companies that manage even somewhat complicated inventories makes it more than worth the price of Thrive.

  1. QuickBooks – Commerce Sync

The Commerce Sync version of QuickBooks automatically links Clover to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online accounts. It automatically enters sales data each night without the need for manual input. It also allows business owners to add, remove, or modify the data after it has been entered, just like with any other QuickBooks entry. Users of QuickBooks by Commerce Sync save around 300 hours yearly by removing the need to enter sales data into accounting software manually. Therefore, it eliminates potentially costly data entry errors, ensuring accurate accounting.

  1. Smart Online Order – Zaytech

Using Smart Online Order, businesses can integrate their inventory with their websites to create an eCommerce system that sends web orders directly to Clover POS. The system is based on a pay-per-order model, with varying fees depending on whether a company purchases a monthly membership or engages on a strictly per-action basis. Smart Online Order integrates with all major self-service website providers, including WordPress and other CMS systems. A branded mobile application is also available for an additional fee. In summary, Smart Online Order is a simple and efficient way for retailers to connect their physical locations to their eCommerce sites for in-store pickup.

  1. Pintuna Gift Cards – Pintuna

A digital gift card is one of the best ways to attract new customers. Installation is simple, allowing you to start selling gift cards in a matter of minutes. Whether your consumer wants to use the gift card online or in-store, Pintuna offers a range of digital gift card redemption options.

  1. FlexWash POS – Flexwash

If you own a car wash, you have likely encountered many issues along the way. Washing a car can be complicated if the hoses leak or the drivers are impatient. FlexWash is unlikely to help with cleaning as a point-of-sale app, but it can make customer management easier. With this app designed specifically for car wash businesses, your Clover Flex can track client information based on the license plate. However, be careful not to get suds on the Flex when using this app.

  1. Cojilio Booking Platform – NCX

It may be difficult to coordinate services quickly. It’s hard to manage double bookings when everyone on your team uses different calendars. Fortunately, Cojilio makes it easier. Whether you are offering massages or pet manicures, this app maintains all customer information and appointments in one place. It even includes a loyalty program for those customers who can’t get enough of you.

  1. Raydiant Automated Digital Signage & Experience Platform – Raydiant

Occasionally, prices need to be changed. Program price changes can be programmed according to the time of day or season. Thanks to Raydiant, you can deploy digital signage that automatically adjusts pricing.

  1. Service Pro 911 Tech Estimate and Invoicing – SPS

The most effective way to develop your business is by building stronger customer relationships. That’s why Service Pros have become experts in customer relationship management. This app allows you to manage your clients and team projects and automate reminders and notifications. It also includes comprehensive reports that allow you to keep track of equipment and inventory levels. Having all this reporting at your disposal, all you have to worry about is finishing the project.

  1. Invoice Pro Recurring & Remote Payments – SPS

One-time payments are no longer the be-all and end-all of payments. Subscription-based services have become the future of payments, and SPS knows this. Their program, Invoice Pro, allows you to integrate an invoicing system with a CRM, making tracking client interactions and revenue easier. Those who charge a monthly fee for their services, such as gyms and subscription box sellers, can benefit from this software.

  1. E-Commerce Connector – LoyLap

LoyLap’s E-Commerce Connector is the perfect addition for anyone using one of LoyLap’s applications (or thinking about doing so). This app can accept online payments from your customers by connecting it to Loylap’s other apps like CashlessGift CardsLoyaltySelf Checkout, and Order Ahead.

  1. Analytics BusinessQ – Qualia

In Analytics BusinessQ, Qualia has built a tool targeted at accounting and finance professionals and business owners. Whenever Clover processes an item sale, the program extracts data and produces visually appealing and easy-to-read reports covering nearly any information a business would be interested in. In addition to providing information such as profitability, employee performance, customer information, and hourly sales distribution, the software also delivers a summary and detailed multi-location report. Analytics BusinessQ subscriptions are more expensive, but their value to retailers is evident. By leveraging Clover’s data, business owners, managers, and accountants can make smarter decisions and maximize profitability and growth.

  1. Yelp for Business Owners – Yelp

On the Clover App Market, Yelp for Business Owners is available under the category “New & Notable,” although Yelp is a well-known business listing service with millions of reviews. While it doesn’t do anything revolutionary, it does help you manage your Yelp listing and keep track of client interactions.

Follow up on prospects, respond to customer reviews (publicly or privately), and keep track of visits. It is also useful to include images related to your business. The best part is that it is free of charge.

  1. MarketMan – Marketman Ltd.

In terms of inventory management, MarketMan might be a superhero. They provide inventory management and procurement solutions to the restaurant sector. These solutions help improve accounting, procurement, and distribution. MarketMan offers advanced inventory and order management functionality, including tracking and measuring the cost of goods sold (COGS), viewing buy history, and managing inventory.

Using MarketMan, you can manage inventory and place orders directly from the app. With real-time reports and warnings, you’ll know when your inventory is low, or a menu item becomes less profitable. Your restaurant can save time and money by correctly utilizing these alerts and reports, which can help you decrease waste and ensure you have popular products. Pricing for MarketMan starts at $149.00 per month and includes training.

  1. Menufy Online Ordering – Menufy

Restaurants that provide takeout must be able to accept internet orders to remain competitive. The more delivery services you sign up for, such as GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and others, the more dispersed your web presence will be, which is not a good marketing strategy. In addition, many delivery businesses charge exorbitant fees. In addition to creating an online ordering website based on your Clover menu, Menufy can develop a module that integrates with any existing website that you may have.

Menufy Online Ordering allows restaurants to access an online eCommerce site without hiring a developer or maintaining a site continuously. Upon activation, the app automatically creates a website with a digital menu populated from the options previously saved in Clover. Online orders for delivery and pickup can be placed and paid for, and businesses can integrate the system directly with delivery services like DoorDash and Postmates.

Customers might be charged $1.50 per order, or the price might be absorbed as a business cost. A flat fee works best in restaurants with larger average orders. If this is the case, it will be less expensive than many other online ordering/delivery businesses that take a larger percentage cut, sometimes as much as 30%. The software is very easy to use, requiring no registration or login.

  1. Bar Tab Auths (as part of Clover Dining) – Clover

Bar Tab Auths is an awesome bar tool that is particularly useful for bars. It may help you prevent losses from guests who leave without paying, a practice known in the restaurant industry as “eating and dashing.”

Using the Bar Tab Auths app, you may check a customer’s card account by running a card authorization, which shows you if the customer has enough funds without actually charging them. Bar Tabs work by generating a pre-authorization, sometimes called a pre-auth. When a pre-auth transaction is initiated, the customer’s bank sets aside cash to cover the transaction amount. Despite its limitations, the Bar Tab Auths app effectively protects you from fraud.

Clover Station does not come with Bar Tab Auths software, but it can be downloaded for free from the Clover App Market and will work with Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, and, of course, Clover Station 2018.

  1. Main Street Insights – Clover

Because it is free and functional, Main Street Insights is a popular choice among small business owners. It displays visual updates about how you’re doing and how your performance compares to your competitors on your computer, smartphone, and Clover.

Charts and graphs illustrate top-selling products and revenue generators, ticket sizes, new and returning customers, and sales over time. You can even view competition data, including local statistics showing where people spend and how your sales compare.

Would you like to know more about your finances? In Stock Reporting, you can view the key metrics of a store or a product, such as sales, revenue, cost, and profit, or track alterations such as breakage. Additionally, with Insights Unlocked, you can get a deeper look into your customer data.

You need data, not intuition, to spot patterns and opportunities and manage your organization efficiently.

  1. Gift Cards – Clover

A popular tool for creating and maintaining your own branded cards is Clover’s Gift Cards app. Among other things, the company develops a card with your branding, and the app allows you to add money to cards, redeem them, and track usage on-screen.

Starbucks and Apple aren’t the only corporations that offer custom gift cards. Small businesses can produce plastic or digital cards and immediately increase sales and customer loyalty.

A study by First Data found that 25% of gift card users made an unplanned purchase, 8% got a more expensive version of what they wanted, and 3% purchased from a retailer they rarely visit.

  1. Order Paper – Abreeze Technology

Not having receipt paper on hand at a critical moment can be frustrating. It’s even worse if your supply store is closed or is out of stock.

With Order Paper, you can order paper rolls for any Clover system at a low cost and have them delivered to your location for free. This app is easy to use and convenient.

The only thing more irritating than refilling the receipt printer and finding that the paper rolls are not available is discovering that they are out of stock. Order Paper allows you to order paper on the fly as soon as stock runs low. In seconds, staff can replace decreasing receipt rolls with Order Paper by selecting a quantity and confirming the delivery address. With the app, billing and delivery are handled automatically.

  1. Waitlist Me – Waitlist Me

With Waitlist Me, you can manage your restaurant waitlist through phone and message notifications. People can make reservations, see who’s waiting, estimate how long they will wait, receive SMS alerts when it’s their turn, and even see their status online. Waitlist Me handles the chaos so you can relax.

  1. Feedback – Clover

Use customer receipts to find out what your consumers appreciate (or dislike) about your business. You can attach a link to your unique feedback form to a customer receipt with Feedback. The results are sent to your Clover, giving you a quick summary of what is working and what needs to be corrected.

  1. Pointy – Pointy

Google searchers can get up-to-date inventory information about stores with Pointy, a fantastic software that works with Clover POS. Using Pointy, consumers can search for in-stock items at even the smallest mom-and-pop shops nearby instead of going to major retailers like Amazon. Whenever an item of inventory is sold through the POS, the Pointy inventory is immediately updated. Provide up-to-date stock information to customers quickly and easily with this simple solution.


Each of these apps has a unique function, so there isn’t one choice that fits all business needs. Nevertheless, you can mix and match apps to create solutions based on the features and services you need most.

Whether you seek more accurate data collection, robust analytics capabilities, inventory management, or just the ability to create gift cards, you will find a suitable solution in the list above.

That doesn’t mean these apps are always the best choice. Clover’s app marketplace is constantly evolving, so stay up-to-date with new offerings to ensure you’re using the right tools.

The Clover® name and logo are trademarks owned by Clover Network, Inc.

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