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Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is suggested for merchants that have a high number of foreign cards that they receive as payment or are located in a major metropolitan area. In 2016, North America welcomed 140 million international travelers who spent $245 billion. Are your businesses catering to this lucrative market? With our comprehensive Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution, they can. Our DCC solution converts a business’s local currency into the visiting cardholder’s home currency immediately at the point-of-sale. With more than 66 global currencies covered for any qualified VISA® or MasterCard® transaction, businesses can provide a seamless consumer experience for international cardholders who want to pay in their home currency.


  • International credit cardholders pay in their
    card billing currency
  • For traditional face-to-face and
    eCommerce businesses
  • Instantly converts price from U.S. dollars
    into chosen currency
  • Business receives same funding had
    transaction been in U.S. dollars
  • Supports 36 global currencies*
  • Guaranteed rate of exchange
  • Generates POS receipt that matches
    cardholder statement
  • Brings in conversion fee revenue
  • Provides a level of reassurance to foreign clients
  •  Secure, compliant and fully transparent transactions

*Click here to view a list of supported currencies.

Here's How DCC works

A DCC transaction begins immediately after a credit card is swiped or key-entered. DCC-enabled software recognizes the currency of the cardholder’s home country. The customer is prompted for the currency in which he or she would like the transaction to be processed. When the currency has been identified and the customer has agreed to the transaction being processed, a foreign-exchange-conversion rate is applied to the transaction. The point of sale applies the rate to the transaction and automatically converts the USD amount to the foreign currency amount. A credit card receipt is generated displaying the USD amount, the foreign currency amount and the rate of exchange. The majority of all cardholders who are offered this choice opt to pay in their local currency. In addition, DCC reporting through Payment Insider enables you to track and manage your foreign transactions, respond to chargebacks and calculate the revenue your business generates from offering the program. Easy to implement, safe and secure, your DCC-enabled point-of-sale solution can also produce reports detailing both the U.S. and foreign currency transaction amounts to assist with tracking.


Help Your Business

  •  Earn additional revenue generated by conversion
    fees, growing as international cardholder volume
  • Eliminate exposure to foreign-exchange-rate risk
  • Reduce your total cost of acceptance
  • Offset existing association fees directly associated
    with accepting international credit cards (i.e.,
    Visa® ISA, MasterCard® ASF and cross-border fees)
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attract new customers and win business
    over competitors
    Help Your Customers
  •  Make payments in the currency of their choice
    without hidden charges or fees
  • See complete transaction details, matching
    cardholder statement, with dual currencies printed
    on the receipt
  • Purchase with full disclosure of the exchange
    rate being applied to the transaction
  • Receive up-to-date rates of exchange based
    on wholesale Reuter’s rate
  • Make educated and informed purchases


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