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Experience savings beyond your discount rate!

Today, more businesses and government entities prefer to use a corporate, business or purchasing card to pay make purchases or pay for business services. Additionally, more businesses issue commercial cards to their employees as a way to track expenses.  This trend can increase merchants’ card acceptance costs.

The Good News

EPNA’s Payment Optimization system ensures merchants receive the lowest cost interchange qualification for commercial card payments:

  • Automatic savings on interchange costs (pass-through costs from the card associations)
  • Compatible with most point-of-sale devices, software or Internet solutions.
  • No upfront costs or obligation
  • Cancel the service at any time

 How the Service Works:

  • EPNA uses proprietary systems and algorithms to optimize monthly Level 2 and 3 interchange savings.
  • EPNA’s data enrichment program for Level 2 and Level 3 transaction clearing populates all the required data fields that were missed by the merchant or not available through the merchant’s payment acceptance solution.
  • We share a portion of the interchange savings for the transactions on which our system has intervened on your behalf with you.
  • All you need is an EPNA merchant account to begin saving on commercial card costs.  Call or contact us today!

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