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With Consistent Growth, EPNA Makes An Impact In The Nonprofit Space With Its Legacy Initiative Program

With consistent growth, EPNA makes an impact in the Nonprofit space with its Legacy Initiative program

  • EPNA brings a fresh perspective along with decades of experience to the merchant processing industry.
  • In the year of the Mega Mergers, EPNA wants to be a Small Business.
  • Part of the fresh perspective is EPNA’s commitment to donate 100% of its payment processing profit from fundraisers conducted by its Non-Profit customers that process donations through EPNA.
  • As a woman-owned business, EPNA is particularly proud that its Legacy Initiative donates to NAWBO’s Chicago Chapter, as NAWBO was one of the Nonprofit organizations behind the passage of the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988, which ended the punitive requirement in some states that a woman needed a male relative to cosign a business loan.
  • Visit EPNA’s homepage for more information.


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