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Property Management Solutions

Property Management Solutions
Taking Payments by Phone, Mail or E-Commerce-Payments Made Easier


Converge® is an omni-channel payments processing solution that offers businesses the ability to accept payments in any payment environment needed, including in-store, mobile, mail/telephone order (MO/TO) and e-commerce.  EPNA allows the simplicity and the convenience of taking all payment transactions with one simple Merchant Identification Number (MID) saving you money and time coordinating acceptance methods.

Converge accepts:

  • Debit and PIN debit cards
  • Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™; mobile wallets
  • Electronic gift cards, including Fanfare®
  • Electronic checks and ACH
  • Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)

Getting Started

You can use one or up to three ways to submit transactions to the Converge application:

  1. Through the Virtual Terminal-Easy to Use
  2. Through the Converge Mobile application-Easy to Use
  3. Through an integrated application using Converge API-Coding Required

This guide will help you pick which processing options are right for enhancing integrated payments with Converge using one of its integration options,the convenience and security of your payments, and understand the Converge API.

The Converge API enables you to write a point-of-sale application (e.g. website, software or mobile application, shopping cart) that interfaces with the Converge omni-commerce payment platform to accept:

 You can leverage the Converge hosted payment page and keep payment data completely separate from your business processes and systems or make Converge completely transparent to your customers as a back end integration into key payment functionality. Before starting your Converge integration, you must request a Converge demo account from EPNA’s Software Technical Support or Internet Product Support Group. To request for a Converge demo account or the EPNA’s Internet Product Support Group.

You must provide the following information to the product support group at

  • Company Name
  • Primary Contact Name
  • Primary Contact Number
  • Primary Email Address
  • Market Segment (Retail, Service/Restaurant, Mail/Telephone Order, eCommerce or Omni Commerce)

You must also request to switch on the Enabled HTTPS Transaction option to be able to submit transactions from an integrated application. After the EPNA system administrator sets up your demo account to process transactions through an integrated application using the Converge API, you will receive an email containing the following information:

  • Converge Demo URL
  • Converge Demo Login Credentials
  • Account ID (Merchant ID)
  • User ID (or Merchant Administrator ID)
  • Password
  • Converge API Authentication Credentials
    • ssl_merchant_id
    • ssl_user_id
    • ssl_pin
    • ssl_vendor_id
  • Converge Demo and Production Endpoints
  • Related Information

Once your Converge demo account is ready for use, you will need to determine the integration method that best suites the organization’s business model and your programming capabilities.

  • Use the Demo endpoints when testing your Converge integrated page.
  • Only use approved card numbers to test your integration. Refer to for more information.
  • Replace the Demo endpoints with the Production endpoints when you finish testing your Converge integrated page.

Billing and Invoicing-Great Add-On Feature for Management Companies

Invoice for credit checks, monthly payments and other services. Collect and track payments.

You can do it all with Converge Billing and Invoicing:

  •  ​All the convenience of online payments, none of the risk
  •  ​Less expensive, more convenient email quoting and invoicing
  •  ​Up-to-the-minute status on quotes and invoices
  •  ​Real-time payment confirmation
  •  ​Fast Track Funding (as early as next business day)
  •  ​Peace of mind that your customers’ payment data is protected
  •  ​One payment platform to power every part of your business
  • Anytime access to the details and the big picture of your transactions

​Getting started. It’s a breeze. Easily customize our payment page to reflect your brand. When customers click to pay, they’ll be linked to the payment form you create where they can safely and securely enter in their payment details. You’ll be notified as soon as the payment is made. Let customers pay any way they please. Chances are you need to accept payments in more ways than one. No problem! Converge lets your customers pay however they choose—online, in person, by phone, or with their mobile device. And, behind the scenes, you get one comprehensive picture of all of your business’s transactions—no matter how many terminals or locations you have or how many different ways your customers choose to pay.

Data at your Fingertips…

There are significant benefits in utilizing the Payments Core 365 solution:

Key Data Categories for Granular Analysis

  • Pinpoint location outside of overall performance norms.

Funds Data

  • Payment details that reconcile to your DDAs.

Batch Data

  • Item-level detail for each batch lets you quickly see additional events that post to your account data.

Transaction Data

  • Transparency into card, interchange and other custom details on each transaction.

All in the Details…


Helpful in prioritizing follow up research and exception processing tasks:

  • Location
  • Date
  • $ Amount


  • Quickly close your periodic financial reports on Day One  following your business cycle close.
  • Utilize metrics, like cost Effective Rate,  by location to understand location performance in conjunction with your closing process. Monitor for any spikes that may show increased downgrades, etc.


Organize and prioritize tactical response to chargebacks based on:

  • $ Amount
  • Location
  • Reason
  • Deadline

Prevent chargeback loss due to missed deadlines.


Easily reconcile locations’ sales and refunds to bank deposits and withdrawal activity.

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