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EP|NA is excited excited to announce the newest addition to our SwipeSimple product line, SwipeSimple Register! This new software tier will empower retail and QSR merchants with “light” POS features that will help them grow and run their business.

SwipeSimple Register Key Features and Benefits:

  • Item Modifiers streamline checkouts and help increase profitability. Merchants can now manage their item catalog to maximize profitability by adding item modifiers that allow them to charge more on additional items.
  • Item-Level Taxes ensure quick and accurate tax collection. Merchants can easily assign different tax rates to individual items and ring up taxable and nontaxable items in the same transaction to eliminate guesswork and collect exactly the right tax on every transaction.
  • Flexible Hardware and Platform Options. SwipeSimple Register features are available on all SwipeSimple-compatible hardware, with additional peripherals available for the Aries8. SwipeSimple supported on both Omaha and TSYS platforms.
  • Available standard Cash Discount program provides savings on processing fees. Cash discount with SwipeSimple Register is available for merchants who want to save on fees.

 SwipeSimple Register – Available Now!

EP|NA has also partnered with SwipeSimple to offer all SwipeSimple Payments features with every SwipeSimple software package.  Merchants will get access to Mobile, Virtual Terminal, Invoicing, Scheduled Payments, and Payment links at no additional cost. As an added bonus, we are also now offering unlimited users at no cost!

Benefits for Existing SwipeSimple Merchants

Merchants who upgrade from SwipeSimple Payments/Terminal to SwipeSimple Register can continue to use SwipeSimple on their existing device/s but will now have access to advanced item management with features like item modifiers and item-level taxes.

Feel free to set up an appointment with a trusted Merchant Consultant today!


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